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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 11, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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remembrances, eric. >> thank you for having me. deeply memorable day which we honor, remember and reminded of the threat that still exists. i'm eric shawn. >> "happening now" starts right now. jon: fox news alert. right now, as we mark 13 years since the attacks of 9/11, in the nation's capitol the doors are closing on a secret session of the house of representatives. members there getting a closed-door briefing from the president's national security team on the threat of isis and the president's plan to take the fight to the terrorist group. that briefing scheduled to begin on capitol hill right now. being led by martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and tony blanken, deputy national security advisor. that briefing not open to the public. we'll monitor whatever information comes out of it. we'll bring it to you "happening now."
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jon: president obama throwing down the love in wordwide fight against islamic terrorism. his plan includes more airstrikes in iraq and for the first time airstrikes in syria. good morning. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. shannon: i'm shannon bream in for jenna lee. the president revealing his battle plan against isis last now with the vow to hunt down terrorists that threaten america and destroy them. jon: he is calling for more personnel to help with iraqi security but stops short of committing more combat troops. listen. >> but i want the american people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it will not involve american combat troops, fighting on foreign soil. this counterterrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out isil where ever they exist using our air power. and our support for partners forces on the ground. jon: let's get more live from chief white house correspondent ed henry.
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ed? >> reporter: good to see you, jon. you lay it out very well because this is a president suddenly trying to show while he has been reluctant warrior in terms of launching u.s. military action during his entire time in office he is getting tough now to deal with what are seen as the most dangerous terrorists in the world. aides say it was only in the last couple of days he decided that after being on defense for so long, saying he had no strategy, saying he could turn this into manageable problem it was time to go on offense. as you say, launch us air strikes. more of them in iraq, he already started that, but also say he is authorizing airstrikes in syria. he has not picked the day and time yet. they're still trying to figure out targets to go after isis militants of the bottom line the policy will be difficult to sell on capitol hill in part because the president had reversal in his whole approach to foreign policy a few weeks ago saying overriding principle don't do stupid stuff. last night he laid out a
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completely different principle. listen. >> i will not hesitate to take action against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principle of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> reporter: now another stark reversal just a few weeks ago the president was mocking the idea that the syrian opposition could stand up and be a positive force. he resisted ramping up heavy arms support, et cetera, to those syrian rebels for three years now. under great pressure from republicans but last night suggested he is ready to do that because he needs syrian opposition to be sort of the ground troops supporting us air strikes in syria since he doesn't want to send u.s. combat troops on the ground. bottom line is, senator i don't know mccain says, this could be too little too late. listen. >> i'm very worried about half-measures. i want to, we can't, the status quo is unacceptable. so, all i know is that although,
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i'm very, very skeptical, i'm willing to give it a try because the situation today is, look, they're going to, they're going to attack the united states of america. >> reporter: the white house is taking some positive in feeling optimistic, taking positive signs out of a couple of issues coming out of iraq. that the early airstrikes have been effective in pushing back isis there at least on that side of the border, number one. number two, this formation of a new unity government in iraq. they're jumping on that. why secretary of state john kerry was in saudi arabia today. was in iraq yesterday. trying to build a coalition to get more nations involved. he predicted, senator kerry said there will be 40 nations involved in this coalition. so far they have only nine, jon. jon: from capitol hill are you hearing any squawking from members about the president's claims he has authority to do this without any input from congress? >> reporter: yes. and what's interesting, jon, not just some republicans saying
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that, democrats tim kaine senator from virginia but also chairman of the democratic national committee, a big supporter of the president's re-election. this is no conservative democrat in a red state. bottom line, tim kaine is saying that the president's got to come up with capitol hill, not just have debate but get authorization for the use of force. i do think you are hearing some noise. i think in the end the president will move forward with airstrikes anyway but there is some pressure coming from both parties to explain a little bit more to explain this is not mission creep, jon. jon: ed henry, at a very busy white house this morning. thank you. >> with the president making plans to combat new generation of terrorists america paused today to remember the attack that brought fight to our homeland 13 years ago. the attacks on the world trade center, the pentagon and heroic battle over the skies in pennsylvania. rick leventhal who reported from ground zero at the 9/11 attacks is back at the world trade center. good to see you.
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>> reporter: you too, shannon. 13 years since al qaeda terrorists hijacked four planes and flew two of them into the twin towers. for the 12th time family members of the victims gathered at site to read names of 3,000 people who lost their lives that horrible morning. >> he elizabeth pinto. >> joseph pisk a lio. >> christopher todd pittman. >> reporter: they were office workers, innocent civilians and first-responders, firefighters and police officers who rushed toward the danger into the burning building, sacrificing their own safety to save others. at the pentagon the president and first lady took part in a wreath laying ceremony this morning a and the president spoke about our nation's resolve. >> they sought more than to bring down buildings or murder our people. they sought to break our spirit and to prove to the world that their power to destroy was greater than our power to persevere and to build.
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but you and america proved them wrong. >> reporter: in shanksville, pennsylvania, bells of remembrance tolled 44 times for passengers and crew of flight 93, heroes because they learned that hijackers were going to use the plane as weapon and causing it to crash in an empty field. one word trade is almost nearly finished. some tenants are moving in. it officially opens in november. some fences have come down and the 9/11 museum is open today for the first time. shan felon? jon: the president established a new department for homeland security. our next guest was the first secretary of that department, governor tom ridge. governor of pennsylvania, on 9/11. today people turned out to
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remember the heroes of flight 93, who fought back with everything they had before the hijackers crashed the plane into a field near shanksville. secretary ridge joins us now. there was so many awful things that happened on that day, 9/11, but, you know, thinking about what those passengers and crewmembers on flight 93 did or tried to do, you know to prevent that plane from becoming a missile headed toward the capitol, you just have to think about the heroism that they put into, they gave their lives, really for, for their countrymen? >> you know, jon it is a solemn day. i think you have, i think you're absolutely right. i think, they were armed with information that i'm quite convinced that had passengers and crew of other three planes, they would have res similar way. their country was in crisis and they were going to do whatever they could to minimize the potential threat to others. there was a cause in their hearts bigger than themselves.
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so today we remember to a lot of tears, three thousand people, innocents who lost their life. we should remember that the courage and sacrifice of those who rushed to their rescue. i think today is a good day to remind ourselves of the resolve of this country, from our military, our intelligence commune. homeland security, first-responders, of today. we are far more secure, far better prepared. we've demonstrated our resiliency, our ability to respond and recover. also i think it's a good day to remind ourselves and this is a little bit more painful, that the threat stream, the threats to the united states to our citizens, not just here domestically but overseas, i frankly believe is, much, much greater than it was on september 12th, 2001. jon: i read you quoted as saying that. i wanted to get you to elaborate a little more on that. i think people have hoped that these wars that we have conducted for the last dozen years or so, would have somehow
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made us safer. you say we are not? >> well, i think internally, we have to say to ourselves, we are stronger. we've done, i just came back from an event in san francisco, where you had 5,000 first-responders. some of them staying up 4hours to practice and rehears real life scenarios. military and intelligence community is working. what we have failed to do as a country, we blunted the tip of the spear. i don't think we have been as aggressive as we needed to be and dealing and admitting the fact that the threat is not just isis, it is a global scourge, that connect tiff tissue of these organizations is stronger. we keep dealing with al qaeda, separately from isis, separately from al-shabaab separately. they're growing stronger. they're becoming more global and they're anti-western and anti-american and they become a operator threat. they just have. jon: give us your assessment of
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the plans that the president outlined last night including airstrikes in syria and ongoing strikes in iraq? >> i want to always be supportive of my president. he is my president, but i was less than impressed with his remarks. i candidly think he has too many fiction writers around him and i don't think he really gets the full picture. listen, isis is a jv team. i don't think so. we get bin laden and the terrorists are on the run? i don't think so. terrorists are just really a bunch of really bad criminals? i don't think so. this myth, this fiction about we don't have any troops on the ground, i'm going back to my own experience as a soldier a long time ago, working with military advisors in vietnam. they're not wearing sneakers. they're wearing combat boots. they're out there every day in very hazard does conditions. what the president failed to do last night, i want to support my president. lay it out there, mr. president. it's a global scourge. it's a permanent threat. i think the american public
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dragged him to the podium. i don't think he wanted to give that speech. he made a fairly decent case, we'll be in this a long, learning time. it is not just about isis. jon: so is there a military solution to the isis and other groups, you know, that you mentioned, or are there other, you know economic answers that need to be employed here? >> well i it is a very appropriate question. i think, at heart of it, has to be military solution. it has to be a coalition. but it has to include arab countries as well. remember, people are arguing that he support the syrian free army, two or three years ago. we didn't do that. you let the maliki government run amok with the support of iran and so in iraq and in syria all of sudden you've got this nuturing round for isis. frankly what the president should have done, initially to send a signal to the rest of the world, we take this serious and last night he said a threat we're going to respond. we haven't been threatened, mr. president. two americans have been
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beheaded. i don't think you would have needed authorization to do what other presidents would have done and don't worry about the niceties of the syrian sovereign government because right now it is a stateless, really not a state. we should have responded immediately with airstrikes after the first murder and doubled it up after the second. we need to send a statement to these islamic fundamentalists, we don't feel like we're threatened. you already killed us. we have value system. when you start killing americans we're going to respond immediately and aggressively. he laid out a fairly decent strategy and it is too isolated and just on isis. frankly i don't think he made the case. let americans understand, we'll deal with this threat. but we can't deal with it in a vacuum. americans need to be able to understand that and president has to articulate a sustainable, long-term strategy to deal with the breath of that global threat. jon: that is part of the job that he ran for, the leadership there.
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tom ridge, decorated combat veteran and former governor and former homeland security secretary. thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you, jon. good to be with you. shannon: with her life hanging in the balance, jody arias has change of heart in her resentencing trial for murder. what she just decided and how it could affect the rest of her life. after president obama lays out his plan to take out isis we have brand new polls on the president handling of terror group and his foreign policy. what it all means for the white house. we will take you in depth. we want to hear from you, do you support the president's expanded mission into iraq and into syria now? our live chats have been running. go to click on "america's asking." please join the conversation. i missed so many workouts,
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jon: just as president obama outlined his strategy for defeating isis we're getting results of new fox poll showing the president's approval rating
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at record low. 3% approve his job performance. a whopping 56% disapprove. joining us with look at those polls and related issues, nina easton, columnist at "fortune" magazine and fox news contributor. jamie weinstein with us senior editor at "the daily caller." nina, when you heard the president's speech last night, when you thinking back to some of his more recent pronouncements about isis and conduct of the war on terror? >> yeah, i mean, of course his speech was a total reversal of his pronouncements in the past where he of course called isis a jv team, a manageable problem and so forth. and you can't bet away from the suspicion that he is surfing these public opinion polls, which of course, the public opinion polls have started being concerned about foreign policy, with putin, with russia's putin invading a sovereign country. hisallys, separatists shooting
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down civilian airline all the way to isis rand threat that poses to us now and of course the beheadings. so, you know, it is as if he is reacting to polls instead of being a strong leader. jon: the president in these polls, jamie, we asked fox news asked, whether people to assess mr. obama's leadership. 57% of those in this "fox news poll" say they see his leadership as weak and indecisive. you go back to september of last year, he had a much more healthy 41% number there. is he considered strong and decisive, only 34% say so. one out of three. and then when asked if the u.s. should be doing more to stop isis, 76%, more than 3/4 of those responding said yes. yet, jamie, seemed the president had to be dragged almost kicking and screaming to that podium last night to talk about getting tougher with that terror organization. >> well the polls are pretty
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devastating to the president. if you remember when he was elected in 2012, the american people in polls suggested that foreign policy was one of his strengths. now it is clearly one of his weaknesses. and that is because i think they're seeing what i would call the president's foreign policy doctrine. president obama came into office and wanted to withdraw america from the word in many respects or lessen american leadership in the world. we moved our troops out of iraq without leaving contingent force behind. we set reed lines. and didn't enforce them. this sent a message to bad actors around the world. that is what we're seeing now. we're seeing that with putin going to do what he is doing in ukraine. expanding into the south china sea. what we're seeing with isis, giving green light to bad actors that america won't be involved in the word and lead the world and try to prevent these type of threats emerging. american public is seeing
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consequences of president obama's foreign policy doctrine. i think that is reflected in the polls. jon: nina, beheading after couple of innocent american civilian journalists. >> i have to say, one that is kind of troubling is that the public doesn't take these threats seriously, this existential threat until something like that happens. we think back to the 90s, when you know, front page news stories about training in al qaeda camps. people didn't really take it seriously of course 9/11 and of course, we're on the 13th anniversary of that tragic event. and, this time, again, isis was taking over large swaths of syria, with taking over large swaths of iraq, with controlling banks and dams and oil fields. it was clearly a threat by what they were saying. it wasn't until these beheadings, that the american public really said, we've got to take control and get ahead of this and destroy isis. jon: it is, well, 77% of americans think isis may try an
8:22 am
attack here. nina easton, jamie weinstein, thank you both. >> thank you. shannon: president may have outlined his strategy for defeating isis with you we have the chair of the house armed services committee with his. while every business is unique,
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jon: right now new info and crime stories make headlines around the country. the feds have given okay to use a drone in search for missing north texas woman. christina marie morris, disappeared more than a week ago. she was last seen at local shopping center. push to allow cameras in the courtroom what will be one of colorado's most high-profile criminal cases of the trial of the suspected aurora theater shooter james holmes. "the denver post" making case in editorial, among other things that the public has the right to see the proceeding.
8:26 am
jody arias decides not to represent herself at her resentencing trial which is set to get underway the at end of the month. she was convicted of brutally murdering her lover. faces live in prison or the death penalty. shannon: brand new reactions following president obama's prime-time speech taking out isis, especially from our next guest only go hours ago outlined his own strategy to deal with the extremist group that has achieved vast swaths of iraq and much of syria. mr. chairman, thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. shannon: before we get into the specifics of your plan i want to start asking you whether or not you believe the president needs congressional authorization to move forward. just seconds ago we got notice house minority leader nancy pelosi says no, she doesn't think she does. there are other democrats and plenty of republicans who think he does. >> the president says he doesn't need any additional authority
8:27 am
right now. i think that remains to be seen. we'll have to, know, his plan last night was kind of sketchy. one of the things probably would necessary state a vote -- necessitate a vote is how serious the bombing is he invokes on. i think that will take time to see. if this is extensive an long-lasting, then i think the congress is going to have to look at that. >> okay, i want to read from the president's speech last night. he said we have not yet detected specific plotting against your homeland. you say as part of your plan you wouldn't wait for a imminent threat? >> doesn't make sense to me. why wait. we learned the lesson 13 years ago. i don't think there's, an advantage to waiting until something comes up. i think it is better to be prepared to make sure, that there are no attacks within the homeland, that our american people are safe, no matter what. you know, there are three kind of leaders.
8:28 am
one is, one that is a visionary leader that looks out ahead and sees potential problems. and takes care of those before they become a problem. the other kind of leader is one who, when the problem is right hitting you between the eyes you take care of it. the they are kind is one that kind of avoids confronting problems and just hopes they go away. this is not going to go away. i think we need to get out front. we need to have the kind of leadership that at that it takes to push forward, to go after isil, to make sure they don't become an imminent, dangerous threat to our homeland. shannon: president said the u.s. role will primarily be about airstrikes and leading a coalition, arming those on the ground, not u.s. troops, he will not send in any troops on the ground or combat troops from the u.s. how would we vet those we would funnel american money and resources to? in syria, how do we tell the difference between the good guys, bad guys?
8:29 am
are there good guys you would feel confident sending money and arms to? >> i think it depend on what criteria and how they're setting up the vetting process. yesterday, we had briefing. seemed to be that they had a pretty good handle on how they would do it. we've been in the area for quite a while. we have abilities to use many different methods. we've gather ad lot of data on people in the area. i am hopeful that they will be, that they will be able to vet people, but you know, even in afghanistan we have these green on blue attacks and i think that is something we need to be very, very aware of, that isil isn't dumb. they have shown great ability to, to, carry out the things that they have desire to do. and they could infill straight these camps. i think it is something we have to be very, very careful of.
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shannon: chairman buck mckeon, thank you, sir. >> thank you. thanks for having me. jon: well the verdict is in for an olympic star and double amputee, but the case is not over yet. after a judge declares oscar pistorius negligent in the shooting death of his girlfriend. and did anyone bother to look at the video? the nfl putting itself under scrutiny now in the domestic violence incident that cost former baltimore player ray rice his job. óqoqúúñ@
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shannon: still to come this hour of "happening now" president obama promises no safe haven for anyone threatening america. we'll talk to colonel bill cowan with deep expertise in military and especially iraq. we'll talk about how the nfl responded to. man accused of hatching a plot to kidnap david letterman's son and nanny, today walks out of prison. >> the simple explanation from the accused that shooting was a
8:35 am
genuine mistake as he thought he was shooting at an intruder behind the toilet door. the state clearly has not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder. shannon: that is the verdict from the so-called "blade runner" trial. olympic athlete and double amputee oscar pistorius not guilty of murder. the judge deciding that prosecutors didn't make their case. but, pistorius is not out of the woods just yet. greg palkot is live in pretoria, south africa. greg? >> reporter: not by any stretch of the imagination, shannon. the judge ended this session as we listened in with a real condemnation of pistorius, calling his behavior on valentine's day morning of last year, when he shot four times in the bathroom of his house, killing steenkamp as not what a reasonable person would do. here is a bit more what the judge had to say. take a listen.
8:36 am
>> failed to take any step to avoid the resultant deaths. i am of the view that the accused acted too hastily and used excessive force. in the second senses it is clear his conduct was negligent. >> reporter: he said he was simply mistaken. that he thought it was an intruder. i was sitting about 10 feet away from him in that courtroom and earlier in the session he burst into tears, perhaps out of relief. as the judge cleared him of that more serious charge of premeditated murder. again, tomorrow he face as charge of culpable homicide, that is south african version of our manslaughter. the judge noted high crime rate in south africa, the widespread use of guns but also noted that, most people here don't handle crime in the way pistorius did. manslaughter sentence, for, in this case, could be as high as 15 years in jail. the judge, shannon, focus -- she
8:37 am
cops from tough townships here. she is known as champions of victims of domestic violence. she also known for her tough sentences. back to you. shannon: greg, thank you very much. jon: 13 years after 9/11 attacks we remember the thousands of american victims of al qaeda, and nearly 13 years to the day, president obama unveils a plan of action against another terror group. islamic state or isis. so how far has the u.s. come in this war? talk about it with robert mcfaden, former special agent in charge of the naval criminal investigative service. among other things he investigated the attack on uss cole. al qaeda, is, obviously brought us the attack on the cole. brought us attacks on world trade center, pentagon, crash in shanksville. how do you assess strengths of al qaeda? >> it is nowhere near what it was at this time 13 years ago,
8:38 am
and period shortly thereafter. we have been tenacious, the u.s. and allies, in going after leadership and organization. so it is just a remnant of what it was at that time. you still have the core leadership. i mean three among the council known at that time still to be alive but no way is it anything resembling but however, what persists though is the ism. whether you call it ulbism, al qaedaism, that kind of violent extremists still persist, if anything,. >> poe nextly more -- if anything, more exponentially pervasive. jon: al qaeda grew out of iraq, right? >> it did unite nominally. but takes the page out of al qaeda's book of only remedy for addressing grievances is violence. jon: you say that we have a lot of work to do in this country in terms of understanding the threat. what do you mean by that?
8:39 am
>> well, there is a tendency at times to make a monolith out of something that really doesn't exist. for example, if you look at what is going on in north africa, whether it is al gear yaw or tunisia -- algeria, or tunisia, it is not the same as northeast nigeria with the problems going on there with boko haram and the horn of africa. different set of circumstances locally and regionally. the only common threat is that kind of extreme i am. it is important to look at the local regional circumstances. jon: world war ii ending with signing ceremonies. nations would capitulate. can this war, this battle against, you know, al qaeda, isis, whatever name they may take, can that battle ever be won? >> that is terrific frame of reference, because we will, we can definitely degrade and destroy this thing known as, islamic state, u.s. and allies. it face loss if i, ideology must
8:40 am
be addressed by regional players who have much more at stake than we do actually. jon: in terms of, the philosophy that appeals to the disaffected young people? >> exactly. if you look at islamic state now and its goals, jordan, saudi arabia, on any given day have more at stake than the united states does. jon: what do you do? you go to the governments and say, what? tough, you have to get involved, you have to help us militarily, what? >> the president's four prongs of the strategy last night, he talked about one that was the combating terrorism at large. within that plank of his plan, it talked about the counter narrative. and working with allies, influencing allies to address the things that, that would create an alternative, other than going to extremism. jon: the president talked about the whac-a-mole strategy and said, you can't, you can't keep whacking a terrorist every time he pops his head out of the ground. but absent a broader strategy, that one sound pretty good to
8:41 am
me. >> i would have to agree. in fact anybody from the, intelligence and security apparatus, myself a former, would not in any way say the kinetic part of it, to include intelligence operations, law enforcement, the military, it must continue but it is the other things, the non-kinetic and cerebral approach that is where the challenge and long-term effect can comes into play. jon: robert mcfaden. thanks for sharing your expertise. >> my pleasure. jon: shannon? shannon: he is accused plotting to kidnap david letterman's son. he is getting out of jail. why? the president offering up his strategy to defeat isis will it work? a man with vast military experience and deep knowledge of iraq, lieutenant bill cowan joins us with his take.
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jon: let's get a peak what is ahead onout numbed perked at top of the hour. kimberly and harris, what do you have? into hi, guys.
8:45 am
the nation marks 13 years since 9/11, we'll have indepth analysis of president obama's speech laying out the strategy for the next fight against terror. >> nfl is now on defense after a law enforcement officer says he fiance to a of ray rice league executive five months ago. >> how in the world could college students not know what today marks? the stunning results from a 9/11 video project. >> plus our #oneluckyguy you don't want to miss. "outnumbered" at top of the hour. jon: sound like a quite a program. thank you. >> sure. >> new reaction today to the plan the president laid out last night for destroying isis, a strategy that will not include u.s. combat troops fighting on foreign soil, will rely on airstrikes both over iraq and syria. >> i made it clear we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country wherever they are. i will not hesitate to take
8:46 am
action against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principle of my presidency, if you threaten america you will find no safe haven. shannon: joining me now, a man with vast military experience as deep knowledge of iraq, retired lieutenant colonel bill cowan of the made 20 trips to iraq, seven of them during the war. he is founding member of intelligence support activity. pentagon most special mission unit. fox news military analyst and honored to have him with us today. get your reaction to the president's plan. air strikes by the u.s. and support folks on the ground who will not be u.s. troops. >> shannon, thanks for the nice introduction of the president laid out last night what i would consider more of a general broad strategy than a plan by any means. there were really no specific. specifics to me would have meant i'm immediately ordering airstrikes to begin tonight, relentless, targeted, unending. he talked about indeed
8:47 am
airstrikes at some point. not using our ground troops. other people's ground troops. building a coalition. doing humanitarian work like we've done. these are all things that will take awful lot of time to accomplish. the new government in baghdad, inclusive government, we're putting a lot of hope on that. we're putting hope on other people to do a lot of things. these are all things that we're talking about really should have been in progress or work being done, many, many months ago in order to see some kind of real effect right now. frankly i think the president will be long gone from the white house before we see any real substantial effects of whatever it is he was trying to put together. shannon: he said last night that the strategy he outlined for isis threat is same one we quote suck special fully pursued in yemen rand somalia -- successfully. do you think those are successful. >> not at all. most are disruptive states where the most we can come back at them from the air.
8:48 am
yemen still has significant problems. al qaeda in the arabia peninsula there they are iaea effective force. al-shabaab in somalia. we're not somalia doing anything to them. he talks how effective we've been. i like to go back to benghazi. there were 30 or maybe more people that attacked our council in benghazi and killed their ambassador. we captured one guy and brought him back to the united states for justice? is that what we call a effective counterterrorism campaign. shannon: important to remember, we think of 9/11 anniversary of 2001 which was tragic but as you note today, is also the anniversary of benghazi where we lost four americans. important to remember that on this day as well. >> right. shannon: moving forward, everyone says part of this plan should be, everyone, meaning the president, those who support him this should involve arming folks on the ground. there has been a lot made of letting iraqi government come together, of the iraqis being ones who quote, bear the burden
8:49 am
of carrying this out on the ground. so between the iraqis talking about syrian opposition, the question, still remains that even when i asked lawmakers, how do we vet, how do we pick, no one seems to have concrete plan for that part of the plan. >> quickly if i can on the iraqi side we talk about retraining iraqi army. frankly i think iraqi army was trained pretty well. we spent awful lot of money doing that. that core iraqi army, well-trained is still out there, even if they ran away without their weapons. the reason they ran away they had absolutely no leadership. the leadership collapsed. all the general officers and colonels and other people maliki put in charge, put in these command posts fled at first sign of danger. troops went with it, not unlike our own civil war, troops ran away. officers have to rally them to get them back into the battle. the troops for the most part are trained. what we have to see new, all inclusive iraqi prime minister go fire all those people that
8:50 am
maliki put in there, buddies and pals and fellow shiites with no qualifications and get the firm, strong leadership back in the iraqi army. that is the fastest way to get the iraqi army going. with respect to the syrian opposition, i want to know who we want to work with, find out what parts of the syrian opposition radicals are trying to kill. those are most likely opposition people we'll want to align ourselves with. shannon: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. lieutenant bill cowan, thank you for your time and your service. >> thank you, shannon. jon: how the fbi is getting involved with the nfl in the ray rice domestic violence incident. what it means for that investigation. the man once accused of plotting to kidnap david letterman's son to be released. how the letterman family is responding ♪ over 12,000 financial advisors.
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shannon: right now the man accused of plotting to kidnap david letterman's son and nanny is getting out of jail. kelly frank worked as a painter in letterman's ranch in montana. court documents show he was going to ask for a $5 million ransom. the attorney argued that frank was never serious about the actual plot much as part after plea de, frank pleaded guilty to embezzlement and or the charges of the kidnapping charges were dropped. he apologize toddler man and his family in 2005. he was sentenced then to 10 years in prison. got another 10 after he escaped and recaptured. today he is being released on parole. jon: nfl commissioner roger goodell calling in former fbi chief robert mueller to handle the league's handling of the ray rice domestic violence incident after a law enforcement official reveals he sent the video to the nfl in april. goodell insists he did not see
8:55 am
the tape until this week. chief correspondent jonathan hunt live with with the latest n that. jonathan. >> reporter: two major turns in this story coming hard on heels of each other with the nfl announcing new investigation after bombshell story from the associated press saying that a law enforcement official that he sent the shocking video of ray rice punching his fiance to a nfl official months ago. he played a voice mail from a nfl office number which the female voice thanks official for video, said, quote, you're right, it's terrible. nfl spokesman responded to the report. we have no knowledge of that. we're not aware anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before it was made public on monday. we will look into it. the under fire, nfl commissioner roger goodell was in north carolina yesterday and spoke briefly about the league's response to the ray rice assault. >> when we make a mistake we're
8:56 am
honest about it and we're open about it and say we're going to work to do better. we were two weeks ago. that is when we improved our policies in this area. we have more work to do. >> reporter: the commissioner was in north carolina to honor panthers owner jerry richardson who stands by his player, greg hardy, who appeals a conviction of two counts on domestic violence. richardson spoke down as he spoke about the issue. >> to those who would say we've been too slow to act, i ask that you consider not to be too quick to judge. >> reporter: so, jon, shannon, a lot of people under a lot of pressure want nfl over domestic violence in general. jon: thorny issue for the league right now. jonathan hunt, thank you. shannon: brand new stories we're working to bring you in the next hour of "happening now." it is two years to the day since the deadly benghazi terror attack. and although the justice department initially said the evidence against the suspect we
8:57 am
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jon: we'll see you back here in an o, "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm kimberly guilfoyle, and here today harris faulkner, ins lee earhart, kirsten powers and hashtag's one lucky guy, eric bolling. you"outnumbered" never looked so good, bolling. >> so to speak. great to be here. thanks for having me. big day to be on the big show. >> and on an important day for you personally as well, so we're happy to have you with us. a live look at ground zero as we remember 9/11, 13 years to the


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